Epic Entertainment...family fun for everyone!
CLOSED... January and February 2016
See you in March!!

Mischief Mini-Golf
Epic has 19 challenging mini-golf holes.  
Epic is a full miniature golf course with interesting twists like the Water Wheel.  

We are a member of the National Professional Mini-Golf League (http://prominigolf.com/).  

We have also added Mischief Mini-Golf to our course.  The spinners make mini-golf more fun by giving crazy directions such as standing on one leg while golfing. 

(See video below to watch them in action.)
Prices are for 19 Holes:
            Adults (12 - 65 yrs.)...$8
            Kids  (6 - 11 yrs.) &  Seniors (60 & up)........$6
            Lil' Ones (5 to zero yrs.)... 
                 FREE with paid adult