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OPEN... Every Day.... 10 am to 10 pm

At our OUTDOOR Laser Tag Unit: THE GAME
Epic Laser Strike is an exciting, futuristic laser combat game that is held in our OUTDOOR Human Maze Formatted Arena...
You're wearing a vest and holding a phaser gun, Your mission – to outscore your opponents by blasting their Laser Vest's targets with your computerized phaser's infrared beam.  This entertainment has universal appeal, children love it, adults love it -

THE EQUIPMENT:  Sleek, futuristic.
The Delta Strike equipment is third generation technology.
Every gun communicates with our central computers. This means during the game your phaser is updated with the latest game statistics.  Epic Entertainment has a large monitor that reveals the scores so all can see your EPIC scores.  
An Observation Deck allows your family to watch as you play.

1-9 people
$8.00 per person

$5.00 per person 

Laser Tag Prices 
Single Game......... 

Each game after.... 
10-19 people
$7.50 per person

$4.50 per person 

20+ people
$7.00 per person

$4.00 per person 

  • THURSDAY, July 28th, Check-in is at 7:30 pm Pay at the Event
  • Everyone is included. (all ages!) 
  • Double elimination (you will play a minimum of two games)
  • Cost is $12 per player OR $40 for a team of four players
  • CASH Prizes will be given to the top 3
  • Entry gift will be given when you check in.